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About us

Do you want those awesome dynamic footage from never-seen-before angles?

Are you ready to take your inspection activities to the next level?

Whether it is for a close inspection of your infrastructure, 3D terrain mapping or stunning aerial cinematography and photography,
Easycopters is here to help you get the shots you need.

Easycopters is officially licensed by EuroUSC and member of beUAS



What we're absolutely great at

Aerial Cinematography

Our core business
Using remotely controlled aircrafts we
capture smooth and breathtaking
videos from a unique perspective

Aerial Photography

Stunning aerial panoramas
from a bird’s eye view,
taken from high above
by our drones

Traditional Photography

With the best technology available
we shoot the impossible,
and the perfect image
for all sorts of usage

Aerial Inspections & Surveys

Providing you with a convenient,
fast and cost-effective inspection
that enables you to access difficult
to reach areas in a safe way

2D & 3D Mapping

Operating our cutting edge technology
we collect aerial imagery
and deliver accurate data for
volumetric calculations
and contour measurements

Video Editing

Offering creative and affordable
video editing services,
we can turn your video footage into a Hollywood masterpiece


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